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Tungsten CTR Rings

Integrity Around Your Finger

Our mission is to provide high-quality tungsten rings at affordable prices, because we all need a little reminder at times to Choose The Right.


Why buy one of our rings?

- Made of high-quality tungsten
- Highly scratch resistant
- Don't bend or deform
- Highly resistant to fading
- Easily removed in case of emergency, no cutting or grinding required
- Satisfaction guarantee
Additionally, we offer free size exchange for children as they grow.


Who We Are

Tungsten CTR

We are Mike and Sarah Lewis. We began this adventure in selling Tungsten CTR Rings in the Summer of 2019. We value good products that our meaningful to us and want to help bring these fantastic rings to you!

We live in South Ogden, UT. We spent most of our growing up years in Utah but after we married in 2007, we spent 10 years travelling around the country with various jobs and with Mike's time serving in the Navy. We are happy to be back with our roots, close to family, and living in such a beautiful state. We have 4 children and we love being parents, even though it's exhausting. Life is often crazy and full of adventures, both fun and unexpected, but we are enjoying the ride. This side business for us is an adventure of it's own and we are excited for this avenue. 


Reach out to us

with any comments, questions, or special requests.

South Ogden, UT